Artists and Country music personalities talk about the International Country Music Day

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“Music is life, or a good way... Don’t matter if you’re talking about country, blues or flamenco. If you can discover a new kind of music (that is, a new world) to any man, that’s great. I think it’s good news that people all over the world get together for the love of country or of any other kind of music. There are already too many people who get together to kill one another.”

Kris Kristofferson

"It is a very good idea (to celebrate in on Hank Williams’ birthday), because he was the one who really made people notice this kind of music. There were guitars and perhaps similar music before him – Jimmie Rodgers, we had the old sounds of bluegrass, but he was the one who brought it to the fore.”

Wanda Jackson

“I am honored as his daughter, and I know that if he was alive today he would be honored.”

Jett Williams

“I think it’s fabulous because Hank Williams has a huge influence on my music. My parents lived country music, and they always had… well, we always had country music playing at home, and a great deal of it was by Hank Williams, so there can’t be a better day to celebrate it.”

Billy Yates

"It’s a good idea. I like it. There are great country music fans everywhere. And great country music bands. Some people think that country music is only made in the US but I have realized that there are incredible bands in places like France or Germany. It’s great that all those country music fans can celebrate this feeling together.”

Gail Davies

"It’s wonderful! I believe that everything that’s made to promote country music and bring it to more people is good. It’s sensational that the country music fans worldwide have a link in common. And in addition, Hank Williams!!"

Heather Myles

In the words of Raúl Tejeiro, president of AMCU: “We are proud that the International Country Music Day has been an initiative of a Spanish-speaking country and that others embrace this idea. This shows the universality of this music that we love and that has surely crossed frontiers and language barriers.”

Gustavo Laurino, manager and promoter of the San Pedro Country Music festival (Argentina) thinks “there is no doubt that this idea, which brought us together with friends living far away several years ago, may be extremely helpful in spreading country music to those countries that have not been very acquainted with the genre. So far our experience has been fabulous since it has enabled us to get in touch with people all around the world. I hope most of you will stay in touch with each of the organizations that have eagerly come together in order to celebrate this special event.”

Florent Dufour, President of the French Association of Country Music considers this date highly appropriate: “The international country music day is a great opportunity to bring country fans all over the world together. And for sure, country music is the best way for that. It offers a great chance to promote country music, to help people discover country music. Thanks all of you for helping country music grow up. And united we stand.”

Areti Traka, expresident of the Country Music Association of Greece expressed her opinion about this day: "Country music is an inspiration. Events like the International Country Music Day bring us together in an effort to spread this inspiration all over the world. As of this year, we are happy to be a part of this and many other efforts. On September 17, our hearts will beat to the rhythm of country music!".

Maritza Baca, president of the U.S. Hipanic Country Music Association said: "I salute the International Country Music Day for it's efforts in extending Country music to fans worldwide. I do not believe that Country music has borders. I have met many Hispanics who perform Country music in many cities accross the U.S ., I have been to Mexico and have seen people there listen to Country music in English and Spanish. I believe Country music is very universal. Que viva la música country!" .

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